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Civil Inspector Job Summary / Quality Control Civil Inspector

  Civil Inspector Job Summary / Quality Control Civil Inspector   The  Inspector will ensure the contractor is compliant with the contract documents. v   Coordinate, daily, with the other teams to document and verify the quality and quantity of work performed by the Contractor. Process the incoming Inspection Requests and technical submittals and perform the necessary actions. v   Read and understand the package contract documents, detailed drawings, specifications, health and safety and quality plans/procedures together with any associated updates and assure contractor’s compliance. v   Conduct daily site walk-through and inspection to identify anomalies and/or construction defects. v   Ensure the contractor is complying with the standards and specifications of the contract documents through observation, measurement and testing as well as tracking quality assurance progress. v   Maintain records of the contractor manpower and equipment daily resources. v   Undertake al
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QA/QC Supervisor Responsibilities

 QA/QC Supervisor Responsibilities  QC Civil Supervisor  Lead the team of QC Inspectors for monitoring the on‐going daily construction inspection\activities at the site.  Prepare ITPs as per project specification/ company standards.    Reviewing the construction method statements (MS) and making comments as per project specifications, procedures & Inspection Test Plan (ITP).   Regular site visits for foreseeing the potential deficiencies based on his physical experience to share with construction team and guidance to Quality Control Inspectors.  Preparation of PQI (Project Quality Index) on monthly basis for the quality evaluation.  Verify the internal quality performance & maintain the quality system as client satisfaction and company minimum quality requirements.   Coordination with civil testing agencies / batching plants for in-tine delivery of concretes and subsequent inspection & testing requirements. Ensuring the availability of QC Inspector during any operations.  

Onshore and Offshore

 D ifference between Onshore and Offshore Onshore Onshore means on land. In the oil and gas industry any exploration and production work done on land with land equipment, that activity is said to be onshore. Offshore Offshore means off the land, which means on sea/water. Any exploration and production work done on water or near the sea with marine equipment, that activities are called to be offshore           In simple word, any work is done on Land area is Onshore and works done near shore or on seawater is called Offshore. Onshore - Concrete Placement Work Ongoing Onshore - Oil & Gas Power Plant  Offshore - Work 

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

  Ready Mix Concrete – RMC What’s ready mix concrete? Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is a type of concrete which manufacture in the factory as per approved mix design, which is called Batching Plant (BP) or Concrete Batching Plant. Ready-mix concrete (RMC) mixing at Concrete Batch Plant and after mixing it’s brought to the construction site by truck mixer or transit mixer. Concrete Batch Plant  Concrete Mixer  Concrete mixers are machines  that blend cement, aggregates, and water together  to form the concrete paste or slurry.  an honest concrete mixture  should not only uniformly mix the ingredients, but  they ought to also discharge  the combination without disturbing its uniformity.  this will be judged by the uniform consistency and color of the slurry. Concrete made dry at the batching plant, loaded into the agitator truck mixer and water added during transportation  Mixed wet concrete made at batching plan

Specification For Portland Cement

  Specification for Portland Cement Ten types of Portland Cement as per ASTM C-150 1. Type I— For use when the special properties specified for any other type are not required. 2. Type IA— Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type I, where air-entrainment is desired. 3. Type II— For general use, more especially when moderate sulfate resistance is desired. 4. Type IIA— Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type II, where air-entrainment is desired. 5. Type II(MH)— For general use, more especially when moderate heat of hydration and moderate sulfate resistance is desired. 6. Type II(MH)A— Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type II(MH), where air-entrainment is desired. 7. Type III— For use when high early strength is desired. 8. Type IIIA— Air-entraining cement for the same use as Type III, where air-entrainment is desired. 9. Type IV— For use when a low heat of hydration is desired. 10. Type V— For use when high sulfate resistance is de


                   ROLE PURPOSE The QAQC Engineer is responsible for meeting projects’ QAQC requirements by conducting QA/QC reviews on all ongoing projects across all offices within KSA. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES & ACCOUNTABILITIES:     Conducts QA/QC project reviews on all site plans from the civil/site discipline from all offices  Performs/Follows in-house protocols for QA/QC project reviews. Reviews for consistency in design and CAD standards within the discipline across projects. Monitors the application of design processes and verify that QC activities for all design deliverables to ensure compliance with client-related procedures and conditions of the contract. Attends design meetings arranged by the Project Managers to ensure the conformity of the deliverables. Investigates all quality concerns and issues and provides feedback and coaching as a part of project deliverable review de-briefs by making recommendations to the Project/Design Managers on corrective actions for recurrin

Civil QC Engineer Responsibilities

Civil QC Engineer Responsibilities   QC Civil Engineer  ·         Reports directly to the Project QC Manager. ·         Review of project technical specifications, drawings, and BOQ to identify and determine quality criteria and engineering criteria for materials, workmanship and testing requirements related to Civil works. ·         Assists in the preparation of quality documentation, including the Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs) and in the review of construction documents for compliance with project quality requirements related to Civil works. ·         Monitors all phases and processes required for the effective completion of all related Civil works and in particular issues of design, procurement, construction and final hand over of the related Civil works. ·         Monitors the implementation of Method Statements, and, Inspection & Test Plans related to Civil works, and ensures all necessary records are generated in a timely manner in their area of assigned responsi